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Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Real Defence

Toronto, Ontario

Trekking starts quite early for me these days. 2 AM is about the time after jet-lag rest. A blanket of snow lay out over streets yet the blanket is reducing its thickness to that of a bed sheet. Surya, the sun-god, insists on seeing it that way. Winter should soon go to sleep.

There are many godly representations that do act in our favour. For instance, we read in the Bhagavatam today that God in the form of Rsabha protects us from fear that arises from the duality of heat and cold. An example could be the turbulence created by high and low pressures when flying in space. That creates fear no doubt.

To protect us from illness we can pray to the avatar, Dhanvantari, who delivered to the world, Ayur Veda, the ancient medical healing sciences.

Then we have God in the incarnation of Yajna, who protects us from defamation of character. This is very relevant since everyone that I know of has had to endure character assassination usually as a result of petty gossip.

Protection or defense plays such an important part of our lives and occupies a large percentage of a single day's affairs. When you put on a thick coat it is to shield you from the cold. When you say, "Sorry, I'm late but I got held up in traffic," you are defending yourself. When you cross the street walking you look both ways to protect yourself.

The verse of today Bhagavatam 6.8.18 brings to light the prayerfulness that goes behind those seeking protection from those who can give it.

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