Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Despite Ill Health

Ahmedabad, India

I read, " Despite ill health, Prabhupada (our guru) took a walk. Surrounded by about twenty-five disciples, he walked slowly. Although he was a small figure surrounded by tall sanyassis (renunciants) , the Kumbha-mela pilgrims were able to easily recognize his preeminent position, and they would break through the ranks of devotees and offer dandavats (respects) before him. When Prabhupada saw people approaching, he would stop walking and let them touch his feet, despite the objections of his disciples. He was already sick, and he had explained in his books that a devotee can become ill if sinful people touch his feet. Still, he did not object.

"Srila Prabhupada was scheduled to stay at the Mela through January 21, but his disciples pressed him to go to a place more suitable for his health. Rarely had any of them seen him so sick, and they worried. "But my only ambition," said Prabhupada, "is that so many people can become enlightened."

There are interesting messages found in this passage to share with with you since there is mention of a divine monk walking.

Our troupe preformed well at the Town Hall due to great promotions- newspapers and TV9. Eight hundred people came to watch the life of Bharat dramatized.


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