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Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Last Day in Mayapura

Mayapura, India

The class today was delivered by Yours Truly. Verse 4.12.37 from the book, Bhagavatam, discusses saint Dhruva's qualification for attaining freedom from the world. Dhruva was a fiery little boy at age 5. He wanted to prove himself as a warrior by obtaining land opulence that would exceed the glory of heaven. After meeting his guru, Narada, and chanting with sincerity the mantra given to him, Dhruva realized what a pie-in-the-sky idea that was. In the process of purification he became alleviated of all vices, but continued to struggle with anger. That eventually dissolved as well and qualified him.

The verse highlights virtues such as "Shantah" (peacefulness), "sama-drishah" (equipoised), "suddah" (being clean), "annuranjanah" (being pleasing to all living entities) and "acyuta-priya bandhavah" (being a friend to the devotional). Dhruva was said to have acquired these attributes- attributes that we could all aspire to achieve.

With my last day in Mayapura I took a mental stock of the people here who are carriers of these qualities such as Maha Sringha with his hospitality. His home became the venue for an initiation of two people, Arjuna from Delhi is named Yamal Arjuna, and Katie from Canada is now Bhumi.

I also express gratitude to Daru Brahman for the fabulous food and chikoo shakes and to Shyamasundar who got me through the more tedious times of long rehearsals and meetings with his expertise at massage. I certainly didn't walk enough while here to warrant the regular massage he provided.

These are kind people, real devotionally-powered individuals. And there are more.

When you wear the saffron robes and in particular the sanyasa dhoti, pilgrims here offer special respect. Some people even dismount their bicycles lie them down and offer dandavats (lay out flat). It appears overly respectful at times, all done with good intent, of course. Bless their hearts.

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