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Friday, March 18th, 2011

Baroda, Here We Are!

Baroda, India

It never hurts to get a little critique on the work you do. After walking a dusty road to a surprise of an abundant peacock population, godbrother Basu Gosh drove me along with Pundit Sanskritam to Baroda for a day's stay. The pundit, ever so respectfully, offered his critique on the one and only Sanskrit verse I recited from the drama script the night before.

Apparently King Bharat had this passion for God's presence within the sun and it was that recited verse he used to say, as found in the Bhagavatam book, that got analysed as far as my pronunciation goes.

"Okay!" I said, "Please tell me the correct way of saying it. I would be very much obliged." He agreed he would.

Whatever was my mistake will then be my teacher. I accept the correction with a sweet degree of humility.

Basu Gosh was kind in more ways than just leading me to speech correction. He took the drama troupe boys and I to his Baroda Temple, the restaurant (for eating) and then the Mahi River for swimming. This rather surprisingly substantial body of water was just the icing-on-the-cake for this Gujarat visit. The water is actually dammed at the spot of our swimming and it was relishing moments for me to see the guys do their stunts such as Abhay sliding on his head down the forty-five degree slope of the dam. It is hard to describe how he did it. Local youth were entertained by these foreign devotees and naturally wanted to bond with them.

The swim culminated with a quick zip back to the temple for the evening chant. Anton, a 52 year old film maker from France, captured us on his camera. He has travelled much of India producing a documentary on life in this land of spice and everything relatively nice.

We packed our twelve bodied group in a modest van, (it's make is unknown to me) for our return journey back to Ahmedabad.

6 KM

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