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Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

To the Public

Ahmedabad, India

Yasomatinandan had built a handsome-looking temple at the edge of Ghandi Nagar Road. It's a little bit cluttered on the inside for my taste. Sorry, Yaso! People do come throughout the day. And in the evening fifty or so people come to hear a reading of the life and teachings of Chaitanya.

I get inspired from Chaitanya- his travel on foot, his kirtan, his whole approach to life. I think of his times, five centuries ago. It must have been heaven with no super highwayd. One of the few things that might be reflective of his era is the dust and dogs.

Yes, I'm afraid I have to report on dogs again. Abhay, a young man who tends cows back in Mayapura, trekked with me down a side road until we reached a cul-de-sac. Dogs are to be ignored and they're fine. They just always make their presence known, if you know what I mean.

We managed today to have a good long rehearsal for tomorrow's performance at the Town Hall. Newspapers are promoting the event including the states largest journal.

It was a necessity to have a kirtan with our troupe to the outside public. They were entertained by out multi-cultural group and the seven straight flips that Abhay threw in the centre of our party. Card players moved over for our kirtan.

It was a full day, a day well spent in Krishna's service.

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