Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Urban Pilgrims

Toronto, Ontario

I'm impressed with members of the Urban Edge Yoga Centre. Steve drives to the centre regularly all the way from Guelph, a city 100KM away. He is absolutely crazy over Bhaktivedanta Book Trust literature, He purchased a set of Bhagavatam books last summer, a hefty investment, is reading them and immersed in their mysteries. Steve also chants for two hours on his japa beads every day.

Then there is Lake, an Afrikhan chap from Capetown. He also chants daily his chosen 16 times around the beads for his meditation. There's also Nick, whom I address as Slick Nick. Slick Nick is employed at a camping equipment establishment. He cycles to work every day from Georgetown, a 60KM stretch but after work it's time at the Urban Edge.

Jason and Nicole are incredible. He loves washing pots when he can at our main temple and she loves her trips to the Edge. My affinity for these two is in their passion for walking. They don't drive. They wouldn't think of it. In fact they walk everywhere.

I mention all these people because I got to know them just a little bit more while walking our designated time. "Urban Pilgrims" we called ourselves. An eight kilometer zig zag up and down streets allowed us the freedom to speak to each other from heart and mind. Because we stayed on track with philosophy and truth we felt justified in using the term "Urban Pilgrims."

After the trekking session we sat down to plan out the next session for doing more of this.

8 KM

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