Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Book Warriors

Toronto, Ontario

I chalked out a route for a casual walk with members of the Urban Edge for tomorrow. I chose quiet residential streets in order that we can hear each other in our dialogue. It will be a day for them to spend time with a monk.

Temperatures are below the freezing point but by the time the sun hit the streets, a warmth emanated in climate and in the demeanour of pedestrians. The sun puts a smile on people's faces. It was the Saturday of the month (the last Saturday of the month) that has now become culturally a day for devotee warriors. Armed with the most imaginable revolutionary books on spiritual revelations, devotees went to three destination places in the city to distribute them. A grand total of eighty-four men, women and toddlers braved the streets and radiated a contagious joy they were feeling.

I took the opportunity to be one of the chanting leaders in the midst of the book distribution. With a mic attached to a small speaker I invited passersby to say what they wished by gently thrusting it before them. Surprisingly many people said the full mantra or in part. Most people would say, "Hari Hari" and for that great blessings come to the chanter and the listener.

With all the standard four-letter words one hears as jargon on or off the street, chanting "Hari" or "Hare" or "Krishna" or "Rama" is all very auspicious.

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