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Monday, March 7th, 2011

Where Adventure Can Take You

Mayapura, India

A young family man, Arjuna, who came for pilgrimage from Delhi enjoyed the trek through the fields with me. We stuck to the edge and dared not walk on crops. Why this route? Well, it just happened that way. It wasn't intended. A little adventuresome spirit is what we caught ourselves in.

In '78, that is how you ventured to the Ganges via the edge of a field when she was a good ten minute walk away as I recall.

This mighty river changes her course all the time which says something about her adventurous and restless nature.

Arjuna was telling me about his evening's escapade, or rather, the escapade encountered by one of his Delhi companions, who in the middle of the night received an uninvited guest into his ear. During the fellow's sleep a little beetle entered his ear making his way to the ear drum. No doubt the little guy was on an adventure. Unfortunately his new territory was giving pain to the owner, whose evening was most uncomfortable. Unnerving for sure!

Some from among the Delhi pilgrims recommended drowning the intruder and so water was place in the follow's ear, enough of it to cause the little critter to surface and send him on his way. The Delhi baba was relieved.

In the Gita the ear is referred to as one of the nine gates or entranceways into the body. Out of curiosity anything sizable has a chance to explore it. I don't know the story of Alice in Wonderland very well, but didn't the girl enter a rabbit's hole and explore a world far beyond her own? I like the story of Hanuman who through mystic siddhi became miniature in order to fly around in the palace of the notorious Ravana.

Travel can take you to amazing explorations. I'm just glad that one evening in late December in '72 at a restless moment I decided to venture to Bonimart mall when I met fine devotee monks. That crazy adventure led me to the truth and changed me forever.

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