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Saturday, March 5th, 2011

A Walking proposal

Mayapura, India

Bamboo trees grow plentifully along the Taranpura road. It is an extremely useful commodity. The pandal (tent) in which our crew performed in was erected practically overnight. It appears like a solid structure yet is merely a bamboo framed building with colorful cloth stretched around it. When you live in a place like mayapura you appreciate the valuable usage of this tree.

I asked my walking partner, Suta Goswami das, about the cut branches piled high where we trekked.

"This is eucalyptus. The wood is for fuel and the leaves are pressed for oil," He informed me. "The oil is used for cleaning."

Ah! Flashback!

Two or three drops of it is what I used to add to a bucket of hot water to clean the temple room floor, an activity I was so routined to doing as a novice monk in the early 70's. Those were the days!

Moving further on with our leg power, you can see in the fields the growth of coriander, sugar cane, peas, dal and more. Mint bushes line the path. This is a herb I could identify and point out to Suta. We were educating each other in what we know.

Leaving plants be, what they are as we pass by them, Suta revealed something on his mind about a future project.

"Maharaja, I was thinking about traveling all over India with two or thee brahmacaris (monks) just selling our guru, Srila Prabhupada's books. This we would do on foot and just depend on the kindness of others for food, a place to stay, etc. What do you think?" He asked.

I told him that this proposal struck a sensitive nerve. "If you do that you would be a perfect swami. You'll find in it adventure, growth and surrender. Do it!"

If Suta proceeds then we would have another monk on the loose. Let's spread the culture. Let's educate. Let people know that legs are better then wheels and that reading books on spirituality are better than watching the cricket game.

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