Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Last Day in India

Ahmedabad, India

It was more of an elevator than walking day keeping to home program commitments. It was also pack the bags day, we're flying out. But before leaving for the airport I made commitments to the count of five homes, four of which were apartments.

In the welcoming culture of India, you find you'll be honouring invitations. It's a blessing for people to have a sadhu (holy person) in their home. In one home kirtan (chanting) became the request. In another I answered questions philosophically - questions that lie in suspension for one family and friends. In one apartment I was introduced to a group of home-schooled kids and asked to distribute refreshments to the students. Then in one place occupied by a prominent family of devotees, I was questioned about how to kick start a devotional drama troupe and then to see it blossom and grow.

Food was a sure feature at each stop. That's where the challenge began. Hospitality overflowed. So much love poured out at each of the residences and from people I never met before. It would be impossible proportionately for me to give the kindness that they gave me. This gets down to the real essence of bhakti yoga. It's the giving and loving that we demonstrate that can affect a smart change to the world.

Godruma Goura, the young devotee from Gita Nagari, Pennsylvania, accompanied me and he too felt the overwhelming affection from these people. A little bit more then again a little bit more of this kind of human exchange, constant installments and we can see a different world.

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