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Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Toons in Saskatoon

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The two Penn boys, Goura and Nitai, were zealous enough to take strides with me along a trail in the Erindale section of Saskatoon in the morning. Other walkers who were passersby reacted with that polite and yet surprised look. Out of our trio I stood out due to the monks’ apparel. It is my hope that some day monks will be a familiar sight on the Prairie landscape.

For the evening gathering of youths I handpicked a verse from the Gita. Chapter 5 text 18 “The humble sages see with equal vision the indwelling paramatma within all; the Brahmana, cow, elephant, dog and dog-eater.” We had discussed this passage amongst the group and it appeared to all that it was a salient statement. Kirtan and dance was included in the experience.

I also had the pleasure to make two home visits in addition to two sankirtan (chanting sessions) with the boys and Nitai Priya, who were great teamsters in this endeavour held downtown at the university. We sat on the grass outside a prominent student building when a fire drill took place. All occupants of the buildings were to dash out. It could not have been timed better. Their ears caught the tunes to the sound vibration.

The final visit of the day was at the home of a young couple. Vishal and Jackie. Jackie, who is pregnant, due soon with a boy, had remarkable questions about the real essence of Krishna and Vishal had me on Skype with his mom all the way to Mauritius.

“I have plans to walk Mauritius in the spring,” I told her.

“Then you must come to my house,” she expressed in so many words.

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