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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The Natural Crave

Toronto, Ontario

It was to be a casual time after a wonderful meal at the home of a gracious couple. Well, that it turned out to be. It was question and answer time for the twenty guests there this evening.

One young woman who read that all you need is Divine Love and everything will happen for you. She tried it for eight months, following a routine hoping for that Divine Love to come. She carried on working on developing spiritually. However, she expressed some disappointment at not achieving other goals.

“I want a soul mate. I want a family, a house, some things. I would like some magic to happen,” she said. I did not sense that she was greedy in the least. These were only natural, biological and social needs, which is not alien to 99% of us. She was merely voicing what is ‘human nature’.

That want of hers sparked a rather incredible roll of remarks from the group and she was personally asking me how to address her needs. I did volunteer to respond and suggested that there might be a need to push for more social interaction in order to find the right person and the right situation. I told of how I had traveled for six summers on a youth bus tour with young men and women and how I had seen five couples form out of that event. The environment was devotional. Krishna was the centre.

I further sensed that most of the room was occupied with the same natural craving. The general mood was “I really want to get settled down.” I did not anticipate that discussions would go in this direction but they did. I saw in the room a group of very sincere people who have been practicing bhakti yoga for some time but who were wanting a real relationship with Krishna as well as with a mortal.

It was a very stimulating conversation and I must admit I feel deeply for these people whose intention is to be spiritual and yet not become monastic persons.

When the gathering dissolved due to time wearing itself on, I trekked a good hour form Yonge and Eglinton back to my room in the temple ashram and in my mind I was hoping and wishing all these great people well on their journey. I also appealed to Krishna hoping that some inspiration came to them from the words I delivered on His behalf.

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