Monday, 27 September 2010

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Sex in the Sky

Mississauga, Ontario

They are called to Absolute Avenue to the Marilyn Monroe towers, under construction. Two condominiums architecturally shaped like ladies’ legs, winning awards for design, were a five minute walk from my overnight stay at the home of the Gelda family. After a long extensive chanting session on the previous night I rose to do my early morning trek and by chance passed the 50 storey plus edifices. One person from this expanding city told me that all the condos are sold out before the building is finished.

“Hurray!” I thought. “Another financial conquest has been made by an innovative developer.” A bit off the building and more on the lady. I wondered who shaped who. Did the public shape Marilyn? Or was it vice versa? Did Ms. M.M. shape the world? There is indeed an obsession for sex symbolism and more so sexual over-indulgence.

After the Sunday evening program a woman came to me and introduced herself as a survivor of incest. I chose to not be privy to the gory details but she did share with me good news despite the personal trauma of being a victim of sexual promiscuity. In the morning she expressed she was haunted by the past but after entering into the space of people happily involved in chanting and dancing to the Hare Krishna mantra, she felt relieved.

The society that we live in today does not require sex-in-your-face imagery and all kinds of suggestive innuendos. We need a saner approach into spirituality, to not necessarily alleviate the natural drive but to see sex in a proper perspective which leads to very deep roles of responsibility.

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