Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Dream and Live


Security at the Edmonton Airport was very thorough at their job. Line-ups were slow. In the wake of surging religious zealots in various parts of the world and the ninth anniversary of New York’s twin towers going down, it is no wonder. Once through security my three companions and I were glad the tension was over, at least, for us, much less for those screening everyone.

Next to me a nice couple from Edmonton in the plane enroute to Halifax looked down to see the vast number of wind turbines. They were curious and asked if I had seen them before. My response was, “Oh yes, quite close up.” But I refrained from telling them that I did indeed walk through the area once as I have much of Canada’s major roads. In this case it was the huge wind giants of southern central Ontario that I had witnessed from the ground level.

I did wish to be there instead of in the air. Lately the passion for long distance walking has truly struck me out of sheer love for it. I’m not sure just when the hankering will turn into reality. I haven’t yet written a letter to my Australian devotee friends telling them I can’t walk Australia next year as MRI scans reveal cartilage wear down and therefore I must reduce extreme daily lengths on foot. I pondered on the fun of the Fijian trek of a year ago.

When I look at a map I lust over the roads not yet trekked and I think of all those souls whom I could still meet and who will eventually chance upon a BBT book for enlightenment. If ever there was to be a serious long walk it would have to be cut down in daily length. 40 kilometers a day won’t do anymore. That’s just the way it is.

And here’s a mild phrase tacked onto the wall of a public washroom while on our trip to Edmonton:

‘Dream as if you have forever.

Live as if you only have today.’

2 KM

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