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Monday, September 6th, 2010

Time for Yourself

Regina, Saskatchewan

"We haven't had a summer here," was a remark I heard of weather in the province. Saskatchewan is usually a sun-drenched place, even though hitting extreme cold fronts in winter. This morning the weather was overcast and dripping, with winds to intimidate even more. I looked out the window to a miserable pronouncement of weather and looked at my sleeping crew of co-travellers who probably could use a bit of coaching with my very presence inside. The outdoors are frankly almost always enticing for me but for today I thought let's not be too selfish. Let's stay inside and encourage the others. "Some walking can be squeezed in later," I thought.

That time never came. A trip to Regina was a planned program for a presentation, some words of encouragement to the community there. Our drama "Lonely People" and a kirtan (chanting session) was to be the balance of the program for an eager group on this Labour Day. We were to meet up with the eight monks from Halifax as well. All had transpired with a great response and reunion. Post program chats with the boys consumed well-spent time.

But as daylight dwindled little opportunity come to mobilize those legs. The three hour drive back to Saskatoon left me only minutes to squeeze out time as our van was being loaded. A very embarrassing 1.5 Km came out of this as Nitai, one of the actors came to catch some Prairie air with me.

I do sometimes struggle within. "Am I selfish to escape crowds to have a chill-out for myself or to be with one companion? Does there always have to be people about?" And I resolved with a subliminally resounding, "No!" You have to have some time for yourself.

1.5 KM

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