Friday, 17 September 2010

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Onward to the East

Saint John, New Brunswick

There were ten of us monks spread within three vehicles headed to the Maritimes on the TransCanada Highway. Gasing up was my time for periodical trekking ahead. This eventually amounted to 9 kilometres on foot. The boys I'm travelling with are based out of Halifax and our mission is to do a blitz on maya through three of the Atlantic provinces.

Maya is in reference to the Vedic version of the devil, the delusion of our materialistic world. Call it 'a mission' if you want. We will, like a small army, lodge a serious attack armed with books, drums, harmonium, kartals (cymbals), mantras, and a message. As is obvious from the artillery in place that it will be a subtle but serious attack. We will be fiercely soft and hopefully effective.

It was a long ten hour haul that landed us finally in Saint John, New Brunswick, and the home of one of our monks' parents in suburbia. Nitai Ram, our head brahmacari (monk) who has been stationed in Halifax is the lucky son of terrific parents. At short notice the Poley family welcomed and accomodated the ten of us. Their home was our outpost for the evening before we ready ourselves for war.

But before arriving Nitai Ram had demonstrated in front of me one of his routine launches of attack. With all sincerity he approached the gas attendant and said, "we are a group of monks travelling around and we are leaving people with a book on yoga. Would you like to have one?"

"No!" he said in a most straightforward manner.

Determined as Nitai Ram is he will in the course of the next few days prove with his army how relentless he is in dealing with Maya.

9 KM

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