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Saturday, September 4th, 2010

The Human Touch

Calgary, Alberta

I was walking while chanting on my beads of meditation when I came upon a sign that was posted at the edge of a soccer field. The field was depressed in the earth (man's engineering) and the sign explained the reason for the big pit. "Danger, Storm water here after rainfall." For the time being there were no clouds in sight and hence no fear of a sudden flood. There was only me at the bottom of this spacious field except for souls with wings, white seagulls, black crows and sporadic magpies sharing the space.

A young Nepalese fellow came down to greet me. "Hare Krishna," He said with folded palms. He had spent time in the Kathmandu Krishna temple and was very familiar with our practices. The sad story is that he has been in Canada for a year and has difficulty landing a decent job to help support his family. Anyways, he introduced himself as Sushil.

Sushil recalls the days he spent in the temple in Kathmandu living with the monks before he got married. He realizes there's no turning back. He has a young son and wife which requires responsibility. He's trying.

What I reminded him of is whatever the situation, whether wealthy, moderate or simple conditions, "Always keep a spiritual focus." I introduced Sushil to a family that can provide him the spiritual reinforcement. I even suggested he contact a second family that might help him find opportunities for gaining a livelihood

All in all, it was great meeting Sushil, who needed that extra friendship. I pray that his follow up on these new contacts will be a reality. In the event that he fails, then I pray the new contacts will follow up on him as it seems the human touch is always, always effective.

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