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Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Time Measured By Soap

Calgary, Alberta

I stay at a place long enough until my bar of soap wears out. That’s at an average three showers a day – standard for those who follow the model of the Brahman. In other words, when the soap gets low, you know it’s time to move on.

I’ve been asked, “What brand do you use?”

“Something that is natural and environmentally friendly; also something not too smelly or fragrant. That attracts bears.” I do find myself in their turf from time to time. Not today. I’m in the bustling city of Calgary, here to make my round , so to speak. As a member of the Governing Body Commission I have an obligation, a privilege and a pleasurable commitment to visiting Krishna centres across Canada. I’ve landed here with our drama troupe. In Inglewood, the oldest section of town, a pioneer, homesteader haven well before Calgary became an oil rich mega city of sorts we were set to perform drama and kirtan (chanting). This is a formula which has been operating well like two people arm in arm at a waltz.

Collen, one of the employees at Alexandra Centre Society stayed to see our performance of “Lonely People”. She loved it.

“I’m a social worker and what I saw is that you covered everything when it comes to therapy for loneliness,” she said.

That remark was a great endorsement for our actors who co-authored the piece. Good stuff! I cannot wait to perform this drama before other members of the Governing Body Commisioners, many of whom are swamis (monks). The earliest opportunity is several bars of soap away.

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