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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

A Few Know

Niagara Falls, Ontario

It was rather spontaneous – the trip to the Falls. Our guests, Yadhubhar and Visakha, a couple wed since ’71, found the suggestion to see that natural wonder a real treat. Yadubar had not seen the Falls since 1959 and being involved in film and she, Visakha, a photographer could really appreciate the liquid pouring down in torrents.

We arrived early, 8 AM, walking along to catch with eye’s view the various angles of majesty. A stroll through the main street of Niagara on the Lake village astounded them with its array of outdoor plant displays. People say that places adorned with flower growth brings down the crime level.

What this devotional couple really appreciated from the day’s experience was a visit and delivering a presentation of “The Gita” to the Urban Edge community in Toronto. The response to the message, the chanting, the small drama by our youth was so well absorbed by all.

It gives me hope that very regular Canadians are very ready for implementing some level of higher consciousness to their lives. For many of them the personality, Krishna, is a new phenomenon, but He has become more relevant with the passage of time because of the efforts of a few who give honour to Him in presenting His philosophy.

Tomorrow is Janmastami, the birth anniversary of Krishna. One billion people on the planet claim an allegiance in one way or other to Vedic culture but few know much about its source.

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