Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

A Good Change

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A flight, a drive, a hike and a sit down constituted the movement of the day. Passengers, kids at play with field hockey, kids at play on outdoor basketball, people at a Hindu temple, and home owning hosts were the causes of interaction of the day.

At the Hindu temple which was fully capacitated, we had a very different audience compared to the Iskcon temple of the night before in Calgary. However, people responded so well to the message spoken in both places. The message was about sweet surrender.

What really was significant about our visit to Saskatoon was the progressive changes made by the family here now spearheading the mission. Last December I came to visit Kasyapa in Saskatoon when temperatures were reaching 50 below celsius. Kasyapa moved to the city from Toronto to establish himself in a new employment. His family recently arrived and now are in a nice home ready for action.

The action plan referred to is a duplication of what the family so well executed back in Toronto. Kasyapa and wife, Panchami, conducted weekly gatherings of what's called "Bhakti Vrksha", where guests are invited into the home for discussion and learning about the science of the self. While adults carried on in a formal but lively manner on one floor of the house. Their children were given attention to training as if in a kind of kids for Krishna camp on another floor of the home.

This Saskatoon couple are now poised to do what they did so successfully elsewhere for their fist gathering on September 17th. Six months ago virtually no enlightenment of full on Krishna Consciousness was being presented in this city and now a great benefit is to become a reality here. This is all some kind of mercy.

I am grateful to the couple who by the way, have a supportive son, Jaya, and daughter, Radhika.

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