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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Thoughts at Arbor Creek

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I am not the hermit type of monk who doesn’t deal with people. People who cross my path are always on the mind. I woke up at 2:30 AM with one particular person on my mind, a person recently struck with illness, and it caused worry enough to deter me from further sleep. I then dedicated the next two hours to that person in my thoughts. I offer mantras, prayers and thoughts for the individuals well being.

Those two really quiet hours near Arbor Creek walking in wonder left me in a state of ambivalence. I become pacified to the extent that some positive thoughts went her way but I did sustain a worry because any attempts to communicate have failed. “Is she too ill to respond? Has she lost faith?” Some anxiety lingers.

Our evening was lively. Young families come to partake in prasadam at our hosts home and they sat to listen . Since it was the first day back at school for some children we dwelt on the theme of returning to one of the unique classrooms of all time – the chariot of Arjuna. At Kuruksetra, a northern plain in India, Arjuna, the warrior, sought counsel from Krishna. “Life is troubling when direction is not clear. The uncertainty of responsibility haunted me. Is it better to sit and ponder as I sulk? Forward action doesn’t seem to be an option. Help! “ These were Arjuna’s thoughts.

So Krishna helped him.

When I take a stroll or walk spritefully with mantra in motion it is my day’s time to ask for help. I know that the name is pleasing to Him but my mood is basically a cry for help. Before the day ended I received a call from someone asking if I could put out prayers for a couple who are struggling with the failing health of their new born baby. I said “Yes, I will chant in prayerfulness that the parents be strong to accept whatever fate is to come.”

Karma is too difficult to comprehend. Acceptance of it is also not easy. Act to become strong and don’t let emotions consume you.

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