Friday, 17 September 2010

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Looking Forward

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

If I was ever put in a prison and my walking was restricted to the cell then that box would be my walking space. It would be a pace back and forth. The deck of the boat we had the pleasure to sleep in was a little like that. I paced back and forth for two hours as fog set in and went out in rhythm much like the stride of the tide.
Who knows how many kilometers I set for that period? It was something left to speculate upon.

From the south of New Brunswick the Halifax monks and I ventured to yet another province for a set engagement in New Glasgow. It was the birthday celebration of Radharani, the Supreme Goddess, and the female aspect of God. At the home of Dr Vikram we were invited. Some local people came for a new experience of chanting, observing a new kind of clothes – our robes – and a very different taste and take on cuisine.

Nitai Ram, cooked up a traditional-as-possible plum chutney (as we are told, it’s a Radharani favourite). But most of all in my judgment, the item relished the most was chanting. I kept the melody simple in order that all could follow. The message from the Gita was simple while the meal, an easy eight to ten course, was more elaborate.

It was great seeing people depart with Bhaktivedanta Book Trust material under their arms. Our little monastic army has proven effective for the first day of formal presentation. I’m looking forward to more.

3 KM

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