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Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

Toronto / Brampton

The Two Places Are One

Some people dress and act rather kooky.  At least that's the way it is at Kensington Market.  Personally I rather like the liberal nature of the place where today Karuna, Michelle and I rolled out our drum beats and mantras.  Daruka, who's visiting from Winnipeg, also delighted in the ‘free spirit’ of it all, and how people respond so favourably.  Folks in the neighbourhood range from the highly intellectual and artistic, to the intoxicated, and mentally unstable—all very equal from the spiritual perspective.  I mean to say that the range of karmic aptitude is very broad.

We love it.

Then in the evening Daruka drove Karuna and I to Brampton and a community that you’ll find to be a trifle more conservative in a very positive way.  Brampton is one of those suburban communities which is populated largely by Southeast Asian folks, mainly from the Punjab.  I was invited to the household of Pusta Krishna.  It was his mum's birthday.  She is an amiable senior lady who fibs about her age.  "Sweet sixteen" is her determined position of Prithvi in this regard.  Oh well, she still dances excitedly, like anyone in Kensington would do.  In the midst of cheering family and friends, she aroused us all.

Daruka, who has been my support person for one-and-a-half-cross-country ventures was quite elated to be at the birthday, and prior to that, the wild and free Kensington.  Common to both venues was kirtan chanting.

It's good for all.

May the Source be with you!
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