Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Friday, September 6th, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

Let Quiet Be

I really appreciated all the healthy green foliage on my walk today.  Actually I spent a good two hours trekking under a light rain the entire time.  When that happens, you can be assured that all the wild growth of plants and flowers becomes intensified in beauty and fragrance.  Leaves appear to be ‘shined-up.’  The emission of scent is very enhanced in all its diversity.

The trail that is a stretch between Mount Pleasant Cemetery and Brickworks is particularly appealing.  I found myself alone for most of the time.  Most folks are intimidated by a rainfall, even if it is a light drizzle, and that may account for the very few pedestrians on the path.

Goldfish are about the only signs of moving life.  They wiggle through the waters.  I hear squirrels.  This is their season.  Nuts and other edibles are their cause for pleasure.

Frankly, I felt quite intoxicated by all of this.  I wanted to shout, imploring everyone to be with me.  Another part of me was selfish, thinking: Let quiet solitude be mine for just a little while.

Once out of the ravine, I had traffic next to me, while the odd cyclist, runner and walker swerved around or I around them.  I received pranams (folded palms) from some.  Yes, the world is becoming more ‘Vedic.’

I completed my walk and made my destination the temple where Radha, the ultimate Goddess, is being remembered.  I contemplated that I'm the luckiest monk.

May the Source be with you!
8 km

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