Monday, 30 September 2019

Friday, September 27th, 2019

Oakville, Ontario

Content Versus Discontent

The world is very much in a turmoil from discontented citizens on the climate change issue.  There was a big student rally at our usual chanting spot in Kensington.  Then there are serious talks about impeachment of the U.S. President who is in denial of any wrongdoings.  Closer to home, news has surged on the infamous killing of ten people—which also left fifteen injure—when Alek Minassian drove a van along a Yonge Street pedestrian sidewalk leaving a trail of death.

All are reminders of a gloomy globe, but on a perfect weather day.  At 20 degrees Celsius, we drove all the way to Oakville with windows rolled down.  I was in good spirits.  I had completed a chanting session at Kensington's Bellevue Square Park where Dan, our musician friend from yesterday, came back with fifteen bucks to purchase a softbound Gita.  Should he read it, I think he'll be on the road to a wonderful discovery.

Thank you Krsna Katha and Hari Katha for bringing me to the new home of Kasyapa Muni, whose birthday is today.  Friends came to his new home; a new family to add to our congregation.  Children were at least a dozen, and they sat there in front of me, with parents behind, in rapt attention.

I read the chapter, "Description of the Autumn," on analogous rendition of the fall season in people's lives.  You know, it's not all that bad.  Despite reflecting on the woes of the world, there are bright moments to contemplate on, too.

With our return journey back to Toronto, I insisted on Krishna Katha's dropping me at King and Spadina so I could “walk back to the ashram.  I didn't get a footstep in today."  One hour later and I retired for bed.

May the Source be with you!
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