Sunday, 29 July 2018

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Winnipeg, Manitoba

On the Grass by the Sky

Here on the prairies, the bison used to graze in fields of unlimited tall grasses, but that has been replaced, both grass and animal, by homes and sod that parks are made of.  I walked along one of those parks in St. Vital, a type of rolling-hill park that seemed infinite, with a bench here and there and broken sidewalk.  I resorted mostly to the grass, devoid of morning dew.

Those bison of the past were kings of the prairies until the antagonists came.  I recall a song by Buffy Saint-Marie, “Now That The Buffalo’s Gone,” and how a whole culture was altered and devastated.  I would rather see those massive beasts of freedom than the trucks of today, that stir up the dust.

The skies were also without limit, as they carry, even today, a mystique of clouds.  Thank God, I can see them and they are not obscured by tall highrises.  Most homes here are bungalows, and the trees, some Manitoba Maple, are not too gigantic.

I was content to be here, almost solitary.  Only one man trekked on the grass while I took to a bench for a bit while chanting on my beads.  I sat there anticipating to meet Daruka, my walking support person, along with his parrot, Billie, who is thirty-two.  His pet will likely outlive him.

Daruka had just come back from physiotherapy.  He had been involved in three accidents since our last great walk together in 2014.  It’s safer to be on the grass.

May the Source be with you!
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