Thursday, 19 July 2018

Monday, July 16th, 2018

Huntsville, Ontario

Huntsville Again

I hadn’t been to this cute cottage-country town since 1996 when I ventured out on the first Trans-Canada marathon walk.  Well, today I was here for a different purpose.  The local Lion’s Club became our venue for Muskoka’s first-ever Festival of India.  Our group called “Vedic Mace” performed for an appreciative audience.  Because of some mishap with a twelve-seater rental van, half of our crew couldn’t be present until the last minute.

That meant making appropriate adjustments.  With some divine creativity and innovation, we pulled something off which was very much engaging, especially for the younger kids. I was able to employ charades and introduce simple dance steps to the crowd.  Everyone got up onto  their feet.

It was all good, including the food.

Whew!  The day was a sticky one.  After the show, I had the opportunity for a short jaunt to the newly-opened “Marigold Unique Flavors” restaurant of Indian cuisine on Main Street.  The owner asked me to come and bless the new facility, which was formerly a bank.  Nice job done on the décor, I must say.

Locals saw me as a curious sight, not something you see in the Muskokas, as I walked beneath  the shafts of light radiating down from the street lamps.  At the Roadway Inn, clients were sipping beer and looking on, out onto Main, hoping for something to happen.

Well, nothing major happened, really, except for some monk passing by who might have spurred  on some spiritual interest.

May the Source be with you!
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