Saturday, 14 July 2018

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Montreal, Quebec

The Wolf, The People

“I think they need to reintroduce the wolf,” said Dave, as we both ambled along on Yonge toward Bloor.  The topic was about wildlife and what I see on my walks in the countryside.

Dave said he’s from Essex County, from Windsor, and every so often they have a cull of the deer who have over-run Pelee Island and the southwest part of the province of Ontario.

“Coyotes don’t take down deer.  Wolves do,” was his conviction.  I agreed with Dave, who’s a bartender; nice guy actually.

We can’t keep destroying nature’s ways,I thought, but we’re very good at that.

Dave and I parted.  My route was back to the ashram.  As I sauntered back, I contemplated the good day in Montreal, and also on addressing some challenges people have at a personal level.  I offered some counselling, as a service, promoting the themes of: don’t give up, be a warrior, communicate and look at the needs of each other in a relationship.

I had the pleasure of making new friends at the site of the Ratha Fest.  Best of all, I gave the first grains to the toddler of Pradyumna and Tina.  What a cooperative little fellow he is!

On our return journey down the 401 Highway, we veered over at the Thousand Islands, to the new owners of The Gananoque Inn.  Mukesh and Ashvina Patel run this historic facility, with its two restaurants, fifty-three rooms, and conference room.  The Patel clan is working on securing many hotels throughout the country, which would make it more accommodating for travelling Krishna monks like ourselves, since traditionally the Patels don’t eat or prepare cow, pig, chicken or deer.

May the Source be with you!
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