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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Russell, Ontario

Genuine Vegan

Krisnadas and I took to a trail next to the road called Longfields.  

“The fields aren’t long anymore,” indicated Krisnadas, who moved to the Ottawa area in the ’70s.  The place was all rural, and now it is so-called developed.  There are some rustic/rural patches remaining. Both of us noted that the ‘green’ on both sides of the trail consists of a diversity of plants, shrubs and trees. And animals.

You know, every day of my life, I hanker to see wildlife of any sort and kind.  Domestic creatures, pets and so on, are plentiful wherever you go.  But I have to have my quota of rawness fulfilled.

Lo and behold, K.D. and I saw a bunny, not shy, but quite open to some human interaction.  He let us get close, this genuine vegan, who had plenty of greens and fruits to munch on: no karela (bitter melon), spirulina, kale, goji berries, or pomegranates, which are great detoxifiers, but dandelions, grasses, and a whole growing array of greens.  He looked content, and he fulfilled my need, my quota.  

K.D., Paurnamasi and I shuffled off to Russell where judo and jujitsu are taught in a venue with nice AC. (It’s very hot and humid here.) There, along with Guru Prasad, we told an audience of bhakti yogiswhat it was like in the ’70s, in the context of the early days of the Hare Krishnas in Canada.  “‘How’ and ‘why’ did you know?” Was the main theme.  Those were the times of a lesser population and fewer buildings—more rawness. 

May the Source be with you!
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