Thursday, 19 July 2018

Sunday, July 15th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

At the Island (Centre Island)

Bhakti Prabhava Swami is one of those true-blue monks—honest, well-read, simple—who hails from Belgium, and came to the city for the Chariot Fest.

This morning was our second day to stroll about with a small band of devotees as we executed our japameditation.

Dominique from Detroit was also with us.  I had a question for him, “What was the contribution that Dominic, who was a saint, gave to the world?”    

“The rosary,” said the Detroit young man, “and he started his own order of monastics.”

“Okay, so he was so immersed in God as sound and he had a following?”

“Yes,” said Dominique in a very reserved type of tone.

Our talk took place over the preparation of some new initiates going through diksha.  Yuluja is now Yashoda Priya, Pankaj is now Pushta Krishna, Taruna is now Tejasvi, Sunny became Srivatsa, and Shalini is nowShriya.  Two persons, Subhal and Rasaraj, took their second initiations.

The ambiance created by sacred and clean mrdunga beats was unparalleled.  I thank Rajasuya and Dharma for the ceremony.

A swim in Lake Ontario was so deserving.  It’s been a hot mid-thirties day.  The World Cup was won and having the game on at the same time as our Chariot Fest could have posed competition, but that didn’t happen this time around.

Our invited kirtanleader, Madhava, roused the crowds at the end; all were up and dancing.

May the Source be with you!
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