Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Terrace Bay, Ontario

Seagulls Above

A restful stay in the Holiday Motel in Sault Ste. Marie allowed for a rejuvenation of energy.  I told the boys in Room 25, where we slept, “You know the routine; I’m going down the highway.”  And while I did so, they showered and got ready, this time for a long scenic drive through vistas of Lake Superior, on the way to Terrace Bay.

There are always seagulls about—like the one that flew above me—gliding through a clear blue sky, not noticing me.  His pure whiteness seemed to flash on and off as he waved his wings up and down.  Motorists passing by on Trunk Road were the same, focused ahead.  I got my seven kilometres in before Marshall and Karuna picked me up for the long haul.  I did feel like I was flying, like a seagull.

A stop at Marathon was cherishable with the view of Lake Superior before us.  Marathon is a gold mining location, but the real gold, in my opinion, is rock, water and the cloud-smeared sky.  There I met a sixty-nine-year-old retired Canadian of oriental origin.  We talked.  He was fascinated with my tale of joining a monastic life in ’73 and being a pioneer, at least for Canada, of the Krishna Consciousness movement.  He related to our movements inception, the summer of love presence of our guru in Frisco, and the meeting of the Beatles in London.

I imagined him to be a retired businessman who’s travelling the country, looking at its wonders and feeling, “Now what?” as in, “What do I do with my life now?”

Our performance in Terrace Bay, at Michael King Centre, went super.  Just under 200 people came.  Not bad for a town of 1,500.  Great response!

May the Source be with you!
7 km

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