Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Sudbury, Ontario

To Sudbury

I was sad to see the railway station in Huntsville closed.  Not enough passengers to warrant having the Iron Horse operating. Too much obsession for the automobile, I imagine.

One advantage to driving is you can see some wildlife, like we are experiencing, then you can stop, turn around and sight the creature for a second time. That happened.  On our way to Sudbury, I spotted a bear cub foraging. He was quite close to the road and appeared to be all by himself.

I happened to look out the window when he was showing his hungry side. Unfortunately, he must have dashed off after Marshall, our driver, made a quick U-turn.

Bears love this time of year for the food.  When our group of monks pulled over for a call of nature, we became like bears and ravaged the wild raspberry patches at our disposal.

Our destination today was Bell Park, at Ramsay Lake, in Sudbury.  What a great spot and facility!  The path along the lake is a portion of “The Great Trail.” For me the city of Sudbury is memory lane.  It was here that I met five Krishna monks at Christmas in ’72.

I relayed that message to the audience tonight, letting them know I had been a fine arts student at Cambrian College, and how my cousins owned and operated the popular Rocky Mountain Ranch just north of here.  The people were a gracious crowd.  Organizer Dr. Jani was pleased.  Mayor Brian Bigger also came to offer a message of goodwill.

May the Source be with you!
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