Saturday, 14 July 2018

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Good One

Today was a good one.  Brian Carevana brought his group of just under fifty people over to our temple. The members of the multi-religious group came from mostly the local area, but also included some from Vancouver, Boston, Virginia, plus Lincoln (Nebraska), and I may have missed one or two.  They were a mix of a mature group, with some of a younger batch, but all graduates in religious studies.

They came to see, listen and then feast.  Questions were philosophical, yet most were more introductory.

Q: “Why the saffron colour?”

A: This is reserved for monks, celibate students and teachers.”

Q: “What do you mean by family planning in addition to no meat, alcohol or gambling?”

A: “The most strict have ‘union’ for children.  It’s individual, though, and in general, members have varying degrees of commitment.  On the highway, people drive at different speeds.  The ones who benefit the most are the ones who obey the signage.”

The meal was a highlight and I applaud our group for a smooth operation of cooking and serving.  Chanting was also on the menu.  We also garlanded Brian with fresh flowers.  I think he was blown away.

After a day of cleaning before the group came, and the presentation, Karuna and I took to the ravine for a p.m. stroll.  At one point we sat at a pond to reflect on the good day, and how it was.  But our contemplation of the Thai boys stuck in a flooded cave—OMG!

May the Source be with them!
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