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Friday, June 29, 2018

Ottawa, Ontario

Analyzing Road Disappointment

When you live in Canada, you can spend hours in a vehicle because, the reality is, to get from one place to another can be quite a distance.  I’m not exempt from the system.  To get to Ottawa, five hours from Toronto, is achievable on foot in weeks.  I had to get there today.

Dennis drove me to Newcastle to a carpool situation, there to be picked up for the remainder of the drive.  On Highway 2, we passed by one of those Volkswagen vans. “Have you ever driven in one of those?” 

“A hippy van?”


“Not that I can remember.”

And then Dennis offered his opinion on the conveyance.  Giving one’s opinion is something most people can’t resist doing.  It must mean our brains are functioning.  It’s a symptom of being alive.

Krishnadas then came and picked me up, and then we proceeded east on the 401 highway.  We noticed a huge digital sign.  “401 Closed Ahead.”  Really? And then I offered my opinion upon reflecting on having seen this kind of thing before.  When the busiest highway in the country stops moving as frequently as it does, you have to wonder and question the whole system of moving operations.

We shifted to a northern route, Highway 7, which also eventually came to a standstill a one point.  This rarely happens to pedestrians.  Our bodies are more agile.  We can swerve around an object of mass if it is standing in the way. It is so much easier to think about walking as a choice.  I really have to put patience into full gear when in a vehicle.

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