Sunday, 29 July 2018

Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Water and the Fest

Not much occurred today regarding walking.  Six of us out of our Vedic Mace group drove to Kakabeka Falls for a gawk and a walk in the area.  First of all, the falls are quite stunning.  You have to get over the tone of the water which is tea-like in colour. It’s not pollution.

The way the water falls and slides, in a type of cascade, is very dreamy.  The view impressed the boys with me.  Many tourists also came for a glimpse of nature at its best.  Thank you Krishna!

At today’s Krishna Culture Festival of India, I sat down with Linda Rydholm, acting mayor of Thunder Bay.  We spoke about the decline of respect and morals being pervasive, currently.  Confessing that she personally has deep religious convictions, she feels strongly that if you don’t believe in something there is a great void.

That certainly resonates with us.

I also met Tedray Kirton for a third time.  He’s fifty-eight, and he’s shaved off his dreads, which hung down to his behind.  He’s got plans for them.  He still plays great on the djembe, and joined Dhir and the Vedic Mace group, on the stage, as we belted out the maha mantraduring the last act.

The weather co-operated so well—overcast, with temperatures in the lower 20’s Celsius.  Karuna Sindhu remarked that he was in a happy consciousness seeing the crowds (maybe 9,000, maybe more) and all very regular local folks.  People love the vibes.  Also, a big part of the success—credit goes to Prem and Suniti—as I mentioned to Linda, acting mayor, “There is no liquor here but good clean fun.”

May the Source be with you!
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