Sunday, 29 July 2018

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Thunder Bay / Winnipeg

Walking and Busing

I had a great trek from Dr. Jani’s house to the temple on Victoria, in Thunder Bay, after I discovered pathways through parks; they were somewhat of a short-cut. From there, Dr. Jani drove myself and the magician, Dattatreya, as well as wife, Radha, to the Greyhound Bus Station, for one of the last bus rides before the  closing of Greyhound operations in Western Canada.  I was surprised to hear the news about them closing down.

While at the depot, I was also surprised to see on the screen, news of a mass shooting in Toronto’s Greektown.  I’ve walked the area plenty of times.  It was a case of a twenty-nine-year-old man with psychiatric problems, letting loose bullets on an innocent public; once again, injuring over a dozen and leaving two young females dead.  Police stepped up fast to deal with the incident.

As we drove through a long boreal and lake expanse for eight hours, I dwelt on this green world in contrast to the world of concrete madness.  After all, Greektown is a nice place—very vibrant, a family-friendly scene—however, it is the material world.

When we drove through Kenora, I fell back in memory to my third walk across Canada, and how I met a young woman from Shaw TV who interviewed me regarding a recent attack of wolves upon deer.  Conflict! Is there any difference between the struggle of animals and the struggle of humans?  There is and isn’t, I think.  Humans get very nasty with each other.

We reached Winnipeg.  I harvested some lambs quarters (weeds) to put in the meal.

May the Source be with you!
8 km

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