Sunday, 21 January 2018

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

A Good Old Game

I got a little bold today with walking.  Temperatures have risen to a greater level of tolerance and my seized-up thighs were able to handle the more and more relaxed climate.  I walked out of Simon’s clinic, a place where Simon did some great work on me, with, once again, needles.  The left knee is irritable and when Simon, a man who knows his stuff, examined it, he saw there was an unwanted curvature to my left leg.

I immediately could identify the culprit or cause of this irregularity.  It is that notorious TT, the ‘Terrible Tilt’.  This last summer I struggled with walking the slant of the road’s shoulder.  Naturally, months of this will take a toll.

“Am I the only one with that curve or crookedness?”

“No! You’re not!” And that’s all Simon said.  It reminded me of a game as a kid—Simon Says.  So Simon says, “Sit down!”  So I did—this is not now a game.  Simon says, “Breathe in.”  So I did.  Simon says, “No, collapse.”  I did.  Simon says, “Breathe in.  Chest out.  Then collapse.”  I did all that Simon said.

I was feeling better after all he said.  With confidence I trod east on Bloor Street near High Park for some good city blocks.  I did thank Simon, by the way, and paid a modest fee.  I felt like my old self coming back with a minor limp.  I swore to myself that from here on I’ll avoid the TT and stick to level trails.

Keep that in mind Monk!  I take shelter of Krishna.

May the Source be with you!

4 km

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