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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mayapur, West Bengal

Mayapur Fullness

Young Sukhie (Sukadeva), age nineteen, from South Africa, has also arrived.  He and I took to the part brick/part dirt road to the region of the two queens.  By that, I mean the two elephants, Vishnupriya and Laksmipriya.  They appear to be both now fully grown.  It was Sukhie and I who could see them through the trees, even though it was early dawn. 

They are very passive in their setting.  What is calm in the holy dham?  Any place away from motorized conveyances.

I was invited to speak to the older boys in the school, SMIS.  They delighted in hearing of my road adventures: the bear encounters, people, the elements, the police, and mosquitoes.  The idea is to bring to the minds of these young men, a sense of a bigger world, a world to explore and to contribute to.  I have always felt travelling can provide the greater part of education.

I admire them, these eleven to sixteen year olds, who are learning in such a sacred environment, out in the country with its God-centric spirit all around.  It’s a great privilege.

Also, everything is kept so clean on the campus.  The grounds are well-maintained.  There are issues, however, of pop music blaring out from loud speakers into the wee hours of the morning from the village nearby.  That’s a tough item to sort out; at least hard to enforce so far as policies are concerned.

I enjoyed lunch with the couple Kala and Yashomati.  Over a meal of good food, all great relations are cultivated.

May the Source be with you!

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