Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Montreal, Quebec

Transit to the East

I had booked a train because experience tells that in the days of extreme winter weather, a train has no delays.  The ‘iron horse’ (the train) plows through it all.  However, my trip to Montreal saw something different.  There were delays.

During those delays, and otherwise, I peered out the window from seat 15A, Car 6 of Via Rail, quite often.  For anyone who knows this route, you get some pretty good views of massive Lake Ontario.  There’s abundant trees and fields, and I could see cleared walking trails alongside bush and creek areas.  It was enticing.  The sun shone and all of nature looked clean.  I even viewed young boys on a natural ice rink where they were skating and carrying hockey sticks.  How endearing!  How Canadian!

I saw, through my window frames of peace, 19th century buildings—at least the backs of them—and to a past with the vision of towns of long before. Very Victorian! I appreciated the train stations themselves. Before the automobile, they meant everything to people. It was nostalgic to see it all.  A former life—or lives, and there perhaps—made me fall in love with those former hubs of activity.

I arrived in Montreal to be greeted by Dhruva.  I took a shower, ate some wraps and was rushed to the main temple hall at Pie IX Blvd., a snow-occupied world.  By morning, the snow will be removed for ample parking.  Each and every one of us are required to remove the snow from our hearts, as well as the street.

May the Source be with you!

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