Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Toronto, Ontario


I spoke to someone from Florida today, Dattatreya, a magician, and he told me they have a cold snap like everywhere else in North America.  Temperatures there are at 3 or 4° Fahrenheit.

“Imagine then how we are doing up north?” I asked.

In speaking to others, Mother Nature appears to be showing an ugly, fierce side.  In Fort McMurray, the plummeting figure was -54° Celsius, outdoing the lowest temperatures of the furthest north.  Fort McMurray is the place in Alberta known for its oil enterprises, with its tar sands nearby.  That news came from Abhidheya in Vancouver.

Then Savyasacin of Brampton told me last night at our play practice that Toronto and other cities around are speaking about possibly cancelling the New Year’s celebrations due to such intense, frigid situations.

The conditions are such that I’ve not been bearing the extreme outdoors, but I’ve been taking those walks of mine inside our temple room.  It seems to work, although the air quality outside is probably better.  Probably sterilized.  It’s quite remarkable just how extreme it can get.

Mother Nature, you definitely have some might.  Thanks for teaching us tolerance.  It takes me to Verse 2:14 from the Gita.  “The dualities of the world need to be accepted.”  It’s a lesson in life.

May the Source be with you!

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