Sunday, 14 January 2018

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario


I lined up an appointment with an ayurvedic healer for tomorrow, to have a look at my knees.  We all have to see to the anatomy of ourselves—see a mechanic from time to time.

I’ve been avoiding physical activity and resorting to a room almost as if in a hospital.  I find it is a great time for introspection and healing.

I look at someone like our Hanuman, cleaner of our temple room.  He, more than anyone else, knows and feels that when you clean the temple you are cleaning your heart.

There he stood, Hanuman, at the entrance way, with his bucket of water and mop.  The dirt he picked up resembles a dark chocolate drink.  Hanuman is not in the best shape, physically.  He had surgery years ago when a pin was driven in his knee.  It pains him at times, however, he goes on with such conviction that he’s an inspiration.

I was in the temple room chanting away with the Wednesday kirtan when he came over and asked if the group chanting on the carpet would move so that he can mop that particular area.  I suggested he let it go, that we were all immersed in the mantras and that what he did do was sufficient.  He graciously complied.

I see inspirationists all the time.  They are a horn of plenty.  They are around everywhere and they don’t have to be limited to humans.  Animals also have a life and sometimes save lives.

Hanuman, the original, is a human/ape—extremely devoted.  Check out this beautiful picture of Sita and Hanuman by artist Sanjay Patel.  Beautiful!

May the Source be with you!

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