Sunday, 14 January 2018

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Scarborough, Ontario

Getting the Needles

I went with my gut and decided that Ayurvedic acupuncture was the way to go—a response to not being able to trek for about a week.  Walking has become a strain.  Something is wrong.  Thighs seized up?  Did I jump too hard, up and down in front of Toronto’s Old City Hall at New Years, to then conjure up some fault in the knees?

Vicki, whom I’ve known since he was a little young rascal climbing the temple walls on Sundays, had started up with his Dad the Anupama Ayurved Wellness Centre on Tiffield Road in Scarborough.  That shows evolution doesn’t it?  He grew up.

He gingerly stuck fifty pins in various places, from head to toe, including my knees.  When he applied a heat device over my knees to start with, there was immediate relief.

“Your knees are cold,” he said, before he started procedures.  “There’s a vata buildup.”  Vata means air or wind—gas.  The pins or needles were to stimulate movement—get the blood flowing.

Lying on my back on the heat-blanketed bed put me into a good sleep.  I felt subliminally that I was going to walk decently again, without a limp.

Vicki was kind and didn’t charge.  It’s his way of reciprocating with the work of a monk.  As he proceeded to conclude the procedure, all fifty needles had to come out.  Yes, there was some blood.  “That’s a good sign.  Now where’s the 50th?”  He and I felt around but couldn’t detect it until I got up off of the bench.  My dhoti (lower garment) held it in one of its folds.  Out popped the needle and on walked the voodoo doll.  Yay!  I can walk with some improvement.

Thank God!  Krishna you’re awesome!

May the Source be with you!

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