Friday, 5 January 2018

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Vancouver, British Columbia

“Chants To Dance To” CD

The recording for a CD, “Chants To Dance To,” occurred at the Kolkata ISKCON, twenty-two months ago.  Sorry for the delay.  It was done live in the temple of Radha-Govinda by Ekalavya.  It was decided that the voice of my humble self, the ‘Walking Monk’, was not up to par in a professional studio.  The recording did well amidst an excited group of brahmacharis—monks—at the devotional facility on Albert Road.

Nimai Nitai from Brampton is the project co-ordinator and Nitai Priya from Vancouver did the cover art design.

It’s not perfect.  It was not rehearsed.  Spontaneity would be the way I would describe it.  Ekalavya, my dear friend, held a recorder to tape my voice, and here it is—a burst of enthusiasm.  May listeners be compelled to dance.

Dancing and walking are some things I’ve been limiting to a minimum.  I’m in a limp for some reason or other.  So when arriving in Vancouver I thought to hammer it out in my Kyboot shoes.  It helped.  Once healed I probably won’t dance to the CD.  I’m just not fond of hearing myself, even though the project was completed in dedication to guru and God.  I know I should try to see it that way.  A lack of self-confidence may be a factor in it all.

In any event, the CD is released and it is a devotional offering.  I hope you like it.  Proceeds go to the grand opening of a new ISKCON Cultural Centre in Brampton, a place of higher learning and culture.  The community will be moving from the current rental unit.

May the Source be with you!

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