Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Vaughn, Ontario

Application of Our Faculties

As Doctor prescribed, I need to relax those legs, apply the Ayurvedic oil and take digestive aid in capsules (organic).  “With that, you’ll get better.”  And so I’ve been complying.

In the meantime things must go on.  Correspondence.  Counselling.  Planning.  Leading a chanting session before a crowd in Vaughn.  Also, there was an appreciation lunch for the cast of “Many Mothers, Many Fathers.”  We watched a video of the January 1st performance.  Not bad.  A one camera angle shooting doesn’t do justice but we thank Sati for putting it together.  We see the embellishments that the play carries, and many saw where there is need for fine tuning.

For the pleasure of guru and God, one puts their best effort forward and keeps striving for excellence.  Endeavouring toward improvement keeps a person alive, otherwise you are facing dry routine.  It’s a matter of application of the heart that brings us beyond the mechanics.

When leading the chant at the large home of one particularly sizeable and extended family, we asked participants to use their voice, hands, heart and smile.  That combination of our faculties seems to work.

We also applied leg power—dance—and got the crowd to form circles of fun.  After all it was Saturday and you’re supposed to have a fever—“Saturday Night Fever,” is how the Toronto Star described our ecstatic dance procedures at the Sunday Love Feast back in the early 80s.  A John Travolta film, if I'm not mistaken.

May the Source be with you!

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