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Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Brampton / Toronto

New Year Messages

This was my final visit to the Brampton ISKCON centre on George Street.  It will be relocated to 173 Advance Blvd., Unit 41/42, near Dixie and Steeles, in our very own facility.

I spoke to the group of New-Yearlings, and proposed that, as a resolution, we all make concrete efforts to build and maintain good relationships amongst ourselves and in general, humankind.

I proposed the same idea to a Toronto crowd.  Here are some of the points I made in the class:

What does it mean to be devoted?  It means we are clean in our relationships.  We must endeavour for that clean heart.

Build relationships with people.  Knock down some walls here and there.

Krishna is like a magnet and He is attracting the iron filings—the devoted.

Krishna is the ultimate weight-lifter—Govardhan.

Part of our adventure is to be knocked around a little bit, then we take the humble position.

Don’t let a disagreement turn into an argument.

My mountain of ego is blocking my sight of Guru and God.

If you want to get strong in your Krishna Consciousness then get deep into sadhana.  Sadhana, spiritual regimen, protects us.

To deal with human nature we have to be strong.  We have to be kind.  Let’s display strength in strong relationships.

May the Source be with you!

Happy New Year!

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