Friday, 5 January 2018

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

On Day One

The New Year started early and with a bang, for a number of us.  The fireworks exploded overhead, heard but not seen.  Our group of chanters were stationed in the front of the Old City Hall, and in that position it’s hard to see the sky getting lit up with momentary sparkle and colour.  Our kirtan, amplified with two marching drums, obscured the sound of the fireworks.  Like usual, we began making our sound before the countdown.

As people poured in—headed for the sight of the explosive noise which emanated from the New City Hall—they passed by us and knew we were having fun and that they were invited to join in the elation once the count-down ceased.  Many were chipper.  Booze and weed invaded our space.  That was okay. We were drunk on the holy name.  We were even, and we were one in the sound.  Everyone, whether follower or not, was immersed.

That was our morning, which started early at midnight.

Nighttime was with another crowd.  Our own.  We staged our drama, “Many Mothers, Many Fathers,” about the life of Chitraketu.  In Krishna’s name, I would say our cast did marvellously.  Feedback was very positive.  It was such a morale booster and such a sense and brain pleaser.  The story ends on a note of forgiveness.

And that’s the way to start the New Year, with a clean slate.  We all commit many wrongs throughout the year, but if we can crawl into January with straw between our teeth—in humility—we have a better chance to make the coming twelve months bright. 

Let’s have a good beginning to our year.

May the Source be with you!

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