Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Ajax, Ontario

Good Crew, Good Brew

I was quite amazed by the turn-out of family and supporters for Kiran, age twenty-four, who was recently deceased, the cause being car collision related.  Hundreds of people came, mostly from the Guyanese community, to attend the last rites ceremony, done Vedic style in a crematorium/funeral home in Ajax.

The love which emanated from parents, siblings and friends was quite powerful.  Upon hearing the eulogy, I could understand he was quite the kind-hearted type and you could see the reciprocation pouring out.  I wish I had known him better.

They are good souls who enter into the course of your day to make your day.  And so, after the funeral, my world, for the rest of the day, was filled with mostly the younger set, the cast and crew of our production of “Many Mothers, Many Fathers.”  A good crew.  A good brew.

What a co-operative group it is, an international one, consisting of Canadian born to Israeli, Ukrainian to Mexican and Indian.  The story, “Many Mothers, Many Fathers,” is centered around a king—Chitraketu—of the Surasena dynasty who lost his son to poisoning.  Out of the tragedy comes a reconciliation of jealous exchange and conflicting relations.

The young boy, Nimai, six, who plays the dead son, is stunningly good at doing just that—playing dead.

I guess we all do that—play dead—for the soul (the real me) does not perish.

May the Source be with you!

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