Friday, 22 February 2013

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

For Openers
Willowdale, Ontario
For openers, they prayed for me. I was about to begin the presentation when Reverend James A. Beverly and class offered a prayer wishing me well on the upcoming part 2 of the 4th walk across the country. Naturally, I was touched.
James also gave me a copy of his recent book, “Illustrated Guide to Religions”, and signing it personally saying, “Bhaktimarga, thank you so much for your teaching and friendship… With Love, Jim.” Jim is a professor of Christian thought and ethics at Tyndale Seminary.
For his class I was asked to explain my life story and thereafter, explain the story of Krishna Himself, and His magnanimous teachings. Students wanted to know about our concept of sin, salvation, ethics or rules, avatars and gods. So, I explained it to them. And it was Jim, who had nothing but good to say about our guru, Srila Prabhupada. I sensed that some students had a challenge trying to wrap their heads around the concept of reincarnation. When it is said that no soul has a beginning and no one has an end, and that it becomes embodied through a chain of existences, it is a new concept for them. In any event, the course is designed as such for the students to view various spiritual paths, to begin to think a little bit out of their box and to honour the pluralistic world in which we live. They had an ocean full of questions and were very respectful to the walking monk. I look forward to the next semester when I hope to visit.
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