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Thursday, February 21st, 2013

A Talk at Durham
Oshawa, Ontario
Rick noted when I walked through the city of Oshawa last summer. He invited me back as in the past to his Faith’s class today for a presentation on the culture of Bhakti Yoga. Members of Jehovah’s Witness were lined up after my delivery was over at Durham College.
When entering the room with my assistant monk, Maha Mantra, Rick was at the door looking spiffy. I told him so as he wore this smart looking black oriental blazer. “I picked it up in Shanghai this summer,” he said. I was happy to know that he was on a trip as well. Come to think of it, I wonder what walking is like through the Orient. I think the best questions come from students when the sun shines. The sun was shining and they were pouring out their questions.
Question: Is being vegetarian an absolute?
Answer: No. You can still love Krishna, but if you wish to get closer to Him, protecting His animals and not devouring them accelerates your spiritual advancement.
Question: Is the Krishna path the only way?
Answer: Our guru, Srila Prabhupada, validated that many processes can develop love for the Divine. This is so to accommodate the many different kinds of people that exist. The bhakti path is simple and effective and is perhaps the oldest and longest sustained spiritual approach in history. It is at the core of Vedic culture found in India.
Question: A friend of mine indicated that she believes in reincarnation and that she is on her last cycle. Can you comment?
Answer: I would say, “Congratulations to her,” however, you can’t be too sure, the laws of nature determine our destiny. But, it’s a good thing to feel such confidence. As long as we follow the guidelines descended from above and develop that love, we have a good chance to end the vicious cycle.
Question: So you are a monk and have no wife or children. Don’t you feel like you’re missing something?
Answer: I believe that I’ve had many mates in previous lives with lots of offspring. I’ve decided to give one life to God and in that frame of mind with a larger picture, I feel I have a great father, lots of sisters, brothers, and children.
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