Thursday, 14 February 2013

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

In A Green Painted House
Cummings Lodge, Georgetown Guyana

I stay in a house that’s painted green. The owner of the home owns a green cab business. He dresses with a green top, has plenty of green plants around his house, offers me a green towel for my shower along with Irish Spring green soap.
His home, on 4thStreet, shared by a very fine wife and daughter, is guarded by two mangy dogs, liked the stray ones you find in India. I believe these two neglected boys have no names so I call them Jaya and Vijay, names of Vedic security guards in Heaven. In their misery, loss of hair and taxed by some disease, they bark at any slight movement. It’s taking quite some time for them to get use to me as I approach the gate several times a day on return from some engagements.
I had returned from a full morning in Crane including a modest walk with other monks from Guyana down a rural and green country road. The hour and a half stay at the University of Guyana Hindu society was really enlivening. Several concerns lie in the mind of these bright young students. They have issues dealt with very passively over the Christian conversions from Hindu members. I have been told more than one time that prasadam, blessed food, is condemned by Christians to take and how father and son, mother and daughter are separated over such religious issues. Some of the students in the group very sincerely inquired about what they considered extreme opinions that Krishna devotees take on the position of some popular deities such as Shiva and Durga. We did confirm that kirtan is liked by all and that their practice unites.
Prior to late a evening drama rehearsal members of the Nimai Pandit Study Centre and I conducted a Satsang at the Persaud’s residence. These are folks who operate NTN TV for Guyana and also have a connection with me in Canada through a recently deceased brother of theirs from Toronto.
In any event I spoke about the advanced technology of live broadcast to Sanjaya, secretary to the blind king, as describe in the epic the “Mahabharata”. From the subtle science of mysticism, the battle of Kuruksetra was observed from a far during the advance Vedic age, from the extraordinary time we have the even more subtle science of the self, which I highlighted in my talk. By early morning 12:30 I took some rest in the green painted house.
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